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Network Administration Degree

Associate in Applied Science

This program prepares students for employment as network administrators, consultants, or support professionals in Local Area Network (LAN) environments. Successful completion will equip students with the skills and knowledge to plan, install, and maintain LANs, as well as to perform maintenance and troubleshooting activities associated with Information Technology (IT) equipment and software. The program helps prepare students for industry certification.

Program Number: 11.1001.aas

First Year  
First Semester Course Hours Contact Hours
CIS 140 Intro to Microsoft Client OS b 3 4
CNS 150 Networking Fundamentals b 3 4
CNS 151 Network Communication Cabling b 3 4
CNS 170 PC Repair and Maintenance b 4 5
ENG 111 English or ENG 121 English 3 3
  16 20
Second Semester Course Hours Contact Hours
BUS 248 Business Communications 3 3
ENG 112 English or ENG 122 English 3 3
CIS 241 Introduction to Web Design and Management b 3 4
CNS 155 Introduction to Routing and Switching b 3 4
CNS 180 Introduction to Microsoft Server b 3 4
  15 18
Second Year  
First Semester Course Hours Contact Hours
BUS 262 Project Management b 3 4
CIS 206 Object Oriented Programming b 3 4
CNS 240 Open Source Networking b 3 4
CNS 210 Microsoft Network Management b 3 4
CNS 230 Information Security b 3 4
  15 20
Second Semester Course Hours Contact Hours
CIS 295 IT Professional Practice Management b 3 4
CNS 220 Advanced Microsoft Server b 3 4
CNS 215 Intro to Virtualization b 3 4
CIS 258 Introduction to Enterprise Database b 3 4
American Government Requirement a 3 or 6 3 or 6
  15 or 18 19 or 22
a Choose either three credits in American Government and Politics (PLS 221 or PLS 222) or six credits in U.S. History (HST 221 and HST 222) to fulfill the American Government requirement.
b Included in occupational specialty:  GPA of 2.0 or higher must be maintained in the area of occupational specialty.
* It is recommended that students intending to transfer work closely with their academic advisor and transfer destination.
* General Education Courses fulfill both ACC graduation requirements and MTA requirements.
* Meet with academic advisor to determine Core Program Courses and Elective Courses for occupational program concentration and/or transfer.

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